"Art is a visual narration and mode of expression of shape, color and form, bestowing the viewer with a dialogue different from that found in words. It is a physical materialization of the thoughts, feelings and dreams that we have every day."

Gerard Basil was born and raised in Los Angeles California. He currently calls Laguna Beach, Ca home. He draws on all aspects of life and experiences to create one of a kind pieces of art.


My approach to any project is to be absolutely sure in creating the utmost value to the client. A vital part of the design and development phase is getting to know the projects intent and the vision of the client. I firstly come up with a conceptual sculptural idea that will be perfect for the site without restrictions to budget. I will then reverse engineer the costs to see how I can make the budget work to create the perfect site specific sculpture. My ultimate goal with any installation is to captivate and visually and emotionally engage the viewer.

"It used to be assumed that sculpture was the original art of prehistoric man and that drawing and painting were much later acquisitions. This view was based on the erroneous idea that sculpture involved a much simpler process of reproduction than drawing - the idea that modeling or carving in the round was a process of direct imitation, whereas drawing or painting required the translation of three-dimensional experience into two-dimensional abstraction. Nothing could be farther from the psychological facts. Volume, the notion of three-dimensional mass, is not given by direct visual perception. We see objects from several points of view and retain one particular and significant aspect of a memory image. . . . It therefore requires an imaginative or at least a mental effort to pass beyond the memory image and construct a three-dimensional image. We are aided in this task by other sensations or by the memory of such sensations - sensations of weight or touch - but this fact only serves to emphasize the complicated mental procedure involved in the conception and the representation of the solidity of a solid object.”

- Sir Herbert Read, The Art of Sculpture

“I follow nature as the surest guide, and resign myself, with implicit obedience, to her sacred ordinances.”

- Cicero